The success of a project rests on the Project Manager. Project Managers will require certain qualities in order to be successful.

  • An effective Project Manager must have the required knowledge and skills. It is with the requisite knowledge and skills on the subject matter that would aid and guide a Project Manager through a complex project.
  • A good Project Manager is action-oriented and results-driven. Projects do evolve under strict time constraints therefore, a Project Manager should have the ability to manage time in terms of the actions and results and be pragmatic, logical and reasonable when circumstances dictate.
  • Projects are stressful because regardless of effective planning, there are always challenges. A good Project Manager will remain cool, calm and collected. A good Project Manager must have the ability to handle stress and problem solve whilst maintaining the integrity of the project.
  • A good Project Manager has the ability to delegate. Delegation is important because it not only helps develop others in the team but provides the Project Manager with the opportunity to deal with other important issues and develop new ideas.
  • Effective Project Managers are visionaries that have the ability to see the big picture (the successful completion of a project) and not lose sight of it, and to look at strategy.
  • A good Project Manager must have the ability to manage, reworked their time spent to get better quality of work.
  • Effective Project Managers are empathetic in that they must understand stakeholders’ needs and concerns about the project and address them. A good project manager has good communication skills and interpersonal skills.
  • A good Project Manager is a leader that creates standards for ethical behaviour and thus earns Enthusiastic leaders are committed to their goals and express this commitment through optimism. It is with leadership and integrity that encourages the team.
  • A good Project Manager should have a positive attitude therefore it is a pleasure to engage with them and their enthusiasm automatically rubs off on others. Commitment and confidence in a project impact positively on the team and forms the basis of a happy, productive work environment.

In summary, an effective Project Manager should have the right combination of the following qualities in order to complete a successful project and ensure success for the future: required knowledge and skills; action-oriented and results-driven; ability to handle stress; ability to problem solve; ability to delegate; a visionary; ability to manage; empathetic; positive attitude; good communication skills and interpersonal skills; is responsible, a trustworthy leader; and has integrity.