Bapong Corridor Control Station Project

Tollinfra was appointed by the principal consultant, Goba (Pty) Ltd, as design consultant for a centralised weighing and vehicle checking facility and the associated data management system for remote weighing stations on adjacent roads.

The project included the planning, design and implementation supervision of a weigh station facility (buildings and control area), including communications and an inspection station for the enforcement of the South African Road Transport Quality System (RTQS).  The latter governs the monitoring of vehicle permits, driver checking, compliance with the load distribution, security regulations, vehicle fitness requirements, and public safety commitments.

Tollinfra’s complete solution included weigh-in-motion (WIM) and static weigh bridges, and the related traffic tracking and management systems.  Tollinfra had primary responsibility for the basic planning of all operations, facilities, and systems- and electronic components of the project.


Bapong Corridor Control Station Project


South Africa