Southlink N25 & Midlink N8 – Ireland

1. Limerick Toll Tunnel And Fermoy Bypass

Tollinfra was engaged to perform the mobilisation management of toll operations and their interface with the Limerick Tunnel Operations under the Irish National Roads Authority (NRA) PPP Company (Direct Route) Contract.

The work included:

  • Development of detail toll operating specifications on behalf of the PPP Company;
  • Commissioning of operating services;
  • Performance management and measurement;
  • Detail plans for asset management, quality assurance, health and safety, environmental management and toll operations;
  • Recruitment, placement and training of key personnel;
  • Monitoring of toll systems commissioning (factory- and site acceptance testing); and
  • Procurement of moveable assets and third party services (e.g. cleaning, cash-in-transit, insurance, website development).

 2. Independent Engineer For The Toll Equipment Supply Contract

Tollinfra was appointed as the Independent Engineer by Messrs Southlink N25 Limited and Midlink N8 Limited to ensure the toll collection system complied with the requirements of the PPP contract and the specific requirements of the Employer.

The work included:

  • Technical, commercial and compliance reviews of tender and contract documentation;
  • Tender adjudication, evaluation and short-list recommendations;
  • Certification and take-over management, including risk analyses;
  • Warranty management; and
  • The full scope of project and contract management.


Southlink N25 & Midlink N8 – Ireland