The TOLLINFRA project execution policy determines that all projects are executed at a senior level within the company.

The TOLLINFRA Methodology

Every project is allocated to a director to ensure that contact with the client is managed at a senior level.

Our clients’ requirements are paramount: we work closely with them and our partners to inform and refine our understanding of the challenges facing them, their end users and communities.

We combine international best practices with our knowledge and experience to customise the solution in each phase of the project life cycle:

  • Project conceptualisation, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Environmental assessments
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Financial modelling
  • Toll and axle weighing strategy development
  • Procurement of services, products and systems
  • Infrastructure and systems design, engineering and integration
  • Operations and maintenance design and audits
  • Implementation, contract management, and risk management
  • Transaction clearing

What makes TOLLINFRA different?

 Our team’s collective experience and domain knowledge are unmatched in industry.  We bring a complete set of engineering and enterprise management skills, across all the disciplines of designing, building and operating road tolling and axle weighing infrastructure.

We use a systems approach to the feasibility- and economic assessment of a project, including its impacts on the community, the environment, and on the planning, design and operations of the infrastructure.

Our knowledge of legislative, regulatory and policy frameworks is fundamental for the effective planning, funding and operation of a toll- and axle weighing enterprise.

We understand that revenue management and auditability are the keys to running a successful road tolling and overloading management enterprise.

We value teamwork and believe that holistic collective thinking is stronger than the individual.  Above all, we take pride in delivering to our promises and exceeding the client’s expectations.