Our Methodology

The TOLLINFRA Methodology

The TOLLINFRA project execution policy determines that all projects are allocated to a director to ensure contact with clients is executed at a senior level within the company.

TOLLINFRA clients are the owners and users of the infrastructure. Their requirements are considered paramount and our consultants work closely with them and with innovative partners to refine understanding of the needs and challenges facing staff, end-users and communities. TOLLINFRA consultants use international best practices, knowledge and experience to find customised local solutions.

TOLLINFRA strongly believes that a proven project development methodology is to be developed and applied throughout a project lifecycle. Our consultants believe in analysing and understanding the needs of the Client prior to embarking on developing solutions. We believe in working with the Client through the various project phases such as:

  • Conceptual, Feasibility and Strategic planning and design
  • Project Revenue Model development
  • Development of Operational Policies and Systems
  • Operational and Maintenance Services planning
  • Preliminary and basic planning Design phases
  • Detail Design phase
  • Tender documentation and Tender processes
  • Construction Management and Supervision
  • Design and Construction Close-out
  • Operational and Maintenance Services implementation, monitoring and supervision
  • System and Operational Services auditing

    What makes TOLLINFRA different?

    TOLLINFRA offers a one-stop operations driven competence centre, from the initial concept to delivering the final product to the Client. We are business partners, adding value to the Client’s processes, infrastructure and services.

    TOLLINFRA products are never one-size-fits-all off-the-shelf items. The successful TOLLINFRA products and services are not only defined by technical expertise, but by a flexible and holistic perspective of “the Client first” considering the economic, social, operational and environmental impacts and needs of the end-user. This approach enables TOLLINFRA to be successful globally.

    We apply strict metrics to measure the success of assignments and the added value of the services. These are not only strictly quantitative assessments of historical progress and money spent, but contributions to an interactive decision-making process incorporating all the role players as participants and partners.

    The company consists of an exciting variety of professionally qualified and experienced engineers and young, dynamic, forward thinking specialists and associates. We value team work and believe that holistic collective thinking is stronger than the individual. Above all, we believe in delivering on our promises. Our Code of Conduct states that TOLLINFRA shall only assign skilled, competent and suitably qualified professional staff to carry out duties and utilise efficient and effective design and project management tools.